Text Editing Functions

DESCRIPTION: This course is perfect data analysts. Inconsistent data or more commonly known as dirty or unstructured data, needs to be cleaned if it’s to go into databases correctly. This involves a certain amount of data cleansing. The techniques you’ll learn here are great because they allow you to automate in sense the clean up procedure compared to doing it manually which could take a very long time. We’ll begin by learning the text trimming functions which allow us to extract text or number from part of a cell, following we’ll l learn the Len function which counts the number of characters in a cell which is useful for clean up purposes and data checking. Next we’ll cover the Lower, Upper and Proper procedures which change the capitalization of text. The substitute function comes next which replaces specific content in a cell. This is great for situations where the same type of error appears and needs to be replaced.

TARGET AUDIENCE: This is primarily for Data and Business Analysts who need to clean dirty or inconsistent information.




  • Text trimming functions – Left, Right and Mid
  • Len function for determining number of characters
  • Trim function
  • Text correction – Lower, Upper, Proper
  • Substitute function