SmartArt for Intermediates

DESCRIPTION: SmartArt is relatively new for Excel. It’s a graphical tool that allows you to create beautiful diagrams with text, flow charts, life cycle charts, process maps, hierarchies and more. This course continues on from the beginner SmartArt course. In this course we’ll be focusing a lot on shape and text formatting. We’ll cover the pre-set formatting options as well as further customization such as reflections, glows, bevels, shadows, edges and rotation.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Be sure to check out the SmartArt for Beginners course as this builds on the knowledge from that course. If you’re someone who presents data to an audience on a consistent basis, you MUST take this course! It’ll make absorbing information for theme so much easier.



DIFFICULTY: Intermediate


  • SmartArt text box changes
  • Shape Effects – pre-sets and customization
  • Text Effects – pre-sets and customization