Pivot Tables for Experts

DESCRIPTION: This is a continuation from the intermediate course on pivot tables so be sure to check that out before you take this course. Pivot tables are a great way to summarize information especially large sets of information. The great thing about them is that they’re dynamic; you can constantly change the layout, you can add new fields, you can update the date source, you can create formulas on the fly and so much more. In this course we’ll learn the more advanced parts of the pivot such as how to repeat item labels which is great for generating new information and tables, custom grouping, calculation fields, show value options, pivot styling and finally chart creation which links your pivots to charts.

TARGET AUDIENCE: This course is great for accountants and those in finance who have tables of information and need to create summarised version for presentation to upper management.




  • Repeating item labels
  • Data extraction and raw data generation
  • Custom groups
  • Calculation fields
  • Show value options
  • Pivot table quick styling
  • Chart generation with filters