Keyboard Shortcuts

DESCRIPTION: Keyboard shortcuts can greatly increase your efficiency. Instead of searching for the icons you need with the mouse, you can trim off a few seconds using the keyboard shortcut. It doesn’t sound like much at first, but if you add it up over you Excel life, it’s a lot of time. The shortcuts I’ve compiled here by no means covers all the available shortcuts. However, these are the ones I use the most. I’ve categorized them based on their use which includes the general shortcuts such as cutting, copying, pasting and formatting. Followed by cell control such as table navigation and row/column control. Then we’ll cover window control which includes anything that controls Excel itself such as switching between works, sheets and accessing the quick access toolbar. Next comes data types and formulas which you’ll be using a lot, then a few extras (I had to call this extra cause I had no idea how to categorize them haha) and lastly the F-buttons which are at the top of your keyboard.

TARGET AUDIENCE: This is for more advanced users looking to find ways to work faster and more efficiently. You should have a firm grasp on many of the intermediate concepts of Excel at this point.




  • General shortcuts – cutting, copying, pasting, saving, formatting
  • Cell control – cell and table navigation, adding/deleting rows/columns
  • Window control – allows you to control and switch between sheets, windows and workbooks
  • Data types and formulas
  • Filtering, printing, undo/redo and cell formatting window
  • F-button shortcuts