Filters for Experts

DESCRIPTION: This continues on from the intermediate level filters course so be sure to check that out before you take this course. Filters are one of the most powerful tools in Excel. It allows us to reorganise data alphabetically or numerically, trim down rows based on a single columns values or do it multiple times using multiple columns, we can use colours to sort, set limits by values and even manually set unique values and handle blanks. That’s just the start. Years of experience has shown me the true power comes when filters are combined with other techniques. In this course we’ll cover some more advanced techniques such as formatting filtered data, advanced filtering which uses another table as the filtering criteria, multiple filters and finally keyboard shortcuts.

TARGET AUDIENCE: For anyone that uses large tables, filters are a must. It’s a quick and easy way to keep control of the information and get insight into your data.




  • Formatting filtered sections
  • Multiple Filters
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Advanced filtering – dual tables
  • Advanced filtering – AND/OR