Dashboard Development

DESCRIPTION: By this point in your Excel career, you would have no doubt started performing more advanced calculations. Some of which may repeat day to day with changing variables. However, the formulation and procedure remain the same. So instead of redoing the calculation each time, you can build a dashboard which allows you to simply insert your new data and Excel will automatically calculate the new values. It involves a new of thinking in terms of data layout and data flow. So in this course I’ll show you how to set up a dashboard where each part of your analysis is contained in its own specific section.

TARGET AUDIENCE: This is for users who are now beginning to share their analysis and make it reusable for others.



DIFFICULTY: Intermediate


  • The 3 dashboard elements: input, analysis and output
  • Data Validation lists
  • Spin buttons
  • Developer Menu Tab
  • Charts and graphs
  • Sheet and Workbook protection