Conditional Formatting for Intermediates

DESCRIPTION: Conditional formatting is a powerful tool. This is because it allows you to visualize data using colours and symbols. Our brains are hard-wired to recognize colours and symbols far better than numbers, we’ve evolved that way. Therefore we should use that to our advantage to make reading our data even easier. Conditional formatting allows us to highlight values based on the value inside the cell. For a given range of data, you can highlight all the number 7’s that appear, or you can rank the top 10 highest values by colour. You can even create miniature bars inside the cells that when compared to each other, will show which values are highest and that’s all just the start. In this course you’ll learn how to prepare your data for a conditional format, I’ll show the various ways to highlight values by parameters, we’ll go through rankings, colour scales, icons, colour and font customization, resetting and management.

TARGET AUDIENCE: This course is designed for intermediates approaching expert level and looking to elevate their skills further. Conditional formatting and filtering techniques are the transitional steps that will put you above the average Excel user.



DIFFICULTY: Intermediate


  • Data preparation
  • Conditional format by value, limit and text
  • Highlighting Duplicates
  • Highlighting a range by rank
  • Using data bars and scales for visualization
  • Icon sets
  • Customization of colours, fills and fonts
  • Resetting conditional formatting for new data
  • Conditional Formatting Management Tool
  • Filtering by Conditional Format