Importing Images, Control and Formatting

DESCRIPTION: A picture tells a thousand words! Images in Excel are usually underutilized or done very poorly. This is because most people don’t think of Excel as an image processor but think of it instead as purely a data processor. What they forget is that images are data!! Images can enhance the effect of your data as well as establish the feeling of the spreadsheet. Data is usually quite boring in comparison to an image and therefore the image becomes a focal point. The image will create an emotion in the reader and prepare them for the data. This is reason why images are so important in Excel and why everyone should know how to use them effectively.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Once you are confident with creating tables with formatting, you’ll need to have the ability to enhance it further using appropriate images. This is for beginners who are approaching intermediate level.




  • Image importation
  • Resizing
  • Rotating
  • Picture Styling
  • Picture Effects
  • Bring/Send to Front/Back
  • Cropping