Excel for Entrepreneurs (COMING SOON!!)

32.1% of small businesses fail due to poor management of financial activities

Businesses fail for a lot of reasons but ultimately because of one reason: the business is no longer financially viable.

Money-in, money-out and cash-flow. As an entrepreneur you’ll hear these terms a lot especially if you’re up for a round of investing. Starting a business means knowing these values at the very beginning and tracking them throughout. However, a lot of start-ups fail here simply because they haven’t got the tools or expertise to model their data. There are of course a lot of modelling tools out there, some more complex than others. We here at Paperclip are all about simplicity. So we’re building from the ground up, the simplest financial modelling system we can.

Above is the prototype version! It works inputting your business start date followed by the expenses/revenue/capital you hope to get. You can place values well ahead of time and you’ll be able to visualize your cash flow! It’s that easy and will be available soon!

If this is something you’d be interesting in, please comment below and let us know what you think!