Inserting a Basic Line Chart

DESCRIPTION: Humans are visual creatures. Therefore, we should use Excel in a visual manner at every opportunity. In a table of data, especially large ones, it is difficult to see trends or patterns in data. Data analysis in particular is all about seeing events such as spikes, valleys and correlations in the data. By using charts we can visualize this very easily and Excel makes it very easy to do just that. In this course you’ll learn how to start at the very beginning of chart creation which is data preparation. Excel needs to read data in a particular way. Once prepared, the chart itself can be customized in an infinite number of ways, your imagination is the only limitation.

TARGET AUDIENCE: This course is for beginners and covers only the most basic chart design to get you familiar with the operation. This knowledge, is extendable to every other chart design in Excel.




  • Data preparation for charts
  • Chart elements and how to modify them
  • Instant design styling feature
  • Modifying chart features such as borders, font, font size and line options
  • Border alignment