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Training goes straight to the point without fluff. The way to teach the subject is the best ever. I can only recommend it.

Marc Le Rallic

Perfect and to the point…the instructor doesn’t waste time and gets to the point quickly!!

Narayanan Krishnamoorthy

I have saved hours of learning with your course. We don’t always imagine all we can do with Excel. While I use Excel for personal budgeting, I can imagine all I could do with VLOOKUP at work. Thank you for this course!

Dominic Cyr

Course content is informative which we can implement during our work. Instructor conveys the information in a very simple way which is understandable. Thank you.

Kavana Krishnappa

It was very informative and I’ll be using a lot of this knowledge in my own work!

Eric Mikesell

The author has done a great job for beginners to understand and really start using it! I did enjoy the course, especially the 2-minute format, which makes it much easier for anyone to find some material in future if you need. There are very few teachers like this guy out there! Well done and good luck!

Igor Kvartyuk

The courses are simply amazing and I can learn them rapidly. The hints presented were also very useful. I like the ‘mini-lesson’ format. Fast and efficient. The instructor’s direction is very detailed and easy to understand. I can immediately start using this program. Thanks!

Yu Hui Jun Yu

Thanks Jed – this program really assisted me with managing my 900 strong client base. Your clear, succinct and explain really well. Looking forward to the next course. Jon.

Jon Lee

A truly brilliant course – The course was informative, well planned and well delivered. Thank you

Bosun Sogeke

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Paperclip Learning


  • $100-300 USD per year
  • Pay-per-course – Pay more to advance
  • Monthly subscription can get annoying
  • $19 USD per Year and get instant access to all current and future content
  • Affordable to students just starting their career
  • Equivalent to less than 6 cups of coffee


  • Different trainers each time
  • Different delivery style for each trainer
  • You have to search for each thing you want to learn
  • One trainer
  • One delivery style


  • Most websites are filled with annoying ads that distract from the training
  • We aim for simplicity
  • No adds/pop-ups
  • No nonsense
  • No individual sign up per course


  • They usually have a fixed number of courses 7-10 and they keep reselling the same thing
  • One-size-fits-all design. Each student is different and therefore will need slightly different courses. Most do not offer this.
  • We constantly create new content and new courses based off customer requests
  • We create full courses, short courses as well as single videos for easy consumption
  • This means you learn what you want from us, not just a generic program built for all.


  • A lot of trainers use fancy and complicated language to impress and the student can become confused quickly
  • We use simple language.
  • We believe that if a 6 year old cannot follow what we’re doing, it needs to be improved


  • A lot of videos are low quality, difficult to see and have no clear structure
  • We are very particular about showing which buttons to press and where they are on the screen
  • We try not to explain via text, we use large clear images so you know exactly where to go



  • Access to Free Videos Section
  • Access to Articles
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