A Complete Guide to Conditional Formatting in Microsoft Excel

Instructor:  Jed Guinto
Course Dates: Open-ended
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Who can Enroll: Anyone
Course Language: English
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About the Course

I LOVE Conditional Formatting! The reason I love it is because even though its super simple to use, it makes you look like an expert! Haha! In fact, one trick is to use a lot of conditional formatting at work so that when the boss comes over, it looks like you’re doing a lot of work! 

Besides the benefits I listed above, Conditional Formatting has a lot of practical uses. For example, colour coding data is very useful tool because you can see the values in your tables relative to one another via colour. Also, when communicating this data to others, you can say that the blue values are low and the red values are high. Lastly, it looks super cool!

Conditional formatting is useful for those who analyse data and try and find patterns contained within. Perfect for researchers, accountants and the like. 

As conditional formatting has many uses, I decided to do a complete course on the subject. Therefore, this course is broken into several chapters which I encourage you to take slowly. There more than 25 videos and a total time just under 50 minutes. 

This is for users who are already comfortable with creating tables that contain numerical data. This is ideally suited for intermediate users. 


  • Data Bars
  • Numerical Controls and Limits
  • Text Filtering
  • Duplicate Highlighting
  • Icon Sets
  • Average Values
  • Shapes and Indicators
  • Ratings
  • Updating Existing Formatting

Course Structure

  • The Opening Act
    • The Promotion
      • Don't forget to download the work file so you can follow along!
    • Demonstration
    • Conditional Format Uses
  • The Basics
    • Case Study Explained
    • Quick Start
    • Removing Conditional Formatting
  • Data Bars and Multiple Applications
    • Data Bars
    • Multiple Conditional Formatting
  • Limiting Functions and Cell Rules
  • Tops, Bottoms and Averages
    • Top/Bottom Conditional Format
    • Top/Bottom % Conditional Format
    • Above and Below Average
  • Shapes and Indicators
  • Bonus Tools
    • Updating and Conditional Formatting
    • Filters and Conditional Formatting
  • The Big Finish


Jed Guinto
Jed Guinto
Jed Guinto is the Co-Founder of Paperclip Learning. Currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering, he is also an avid educator with experience teaching primary students, high school students and undergraduate Aerospace, Civil and Mechanical Engineers. Over 44,000 students from over 170 countries have signed up for his courses.

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