Shortcut Ribbon

DESCRIPTION: I LOVE THE SHORTCUT RIBBON! When spreadsheets get larger, you’ll need to see as much of the workbook as possible to maximize your productivity especially when working on small laptops. One method is to minimize the main menu tab and work directly off the shortcut ribbon. The ribbon itself is a custom collection of the functions and icons you use the most and takes a fraction of the visible computer screen space that the main menu tab does. The best part is, you can change which icons are there depending on the work you’re carrying out. In this course you’ll l earn the two methods of adding and removing icons, how to rearrange icons and finally how to access icons directly from the keyboard to increase your productivity and efficiency further.

TARGET AUDIENCE: I encourage all users to learn the ribbon. What seems like a few seconds saved by using the ribbon via the keyboard can compound to hundreds of hours by the end of the year.


DIFFICULTY: Intermediate


  • Multiple methods for adding and removing from the shortcut ribbon
  • Rearrange icons for increased organisation
  • Keyboard shortcut and access