Shapes for Intermediates

DESCRIPTION: Shapes are powerful tools in Excel simply because they don’t occupy cells. Instead, they overlap cells giving you another dimension of data presentation which is pleasing to the eye if done correctly. There are many customization you can apply to a single shape including rotation angle, bevels for 3D effects, shadows and reflections, textures and fills, alignments and more. In addition to the appearance control of the objects themselves is essential so you’re not wasting time trying to arrange them just right. Excel has built in functions that will allow you to manage all objects known as the selection pane. Alignments are performed by using the borders of each object. You’ll also learn how to layer objects and lastly how to use the grouping function so you can manage multiple objects as one.

TARGET AUDIENCE: This is for intermediates looking to give their workbooks added effects other than data in cells.



DIFFICULTY: Intermediate


  • Shape styling for quick formatting
  • Shape editing function for more customization
  • Shape effects: reflections, bevels, shadows and more
  • Object alignment
  • Selection pane for multiple images
  • Send to Front/Back
  • Grouping