Review Functions

DESCRIPTION: Mistakes happen to all of us. We could do a manual search and look for these mistakes but for large documents this will simply take forever. Instead we can use the spelling function which will automatically scan your document for mistakes and give you options on what to do next. You can accept the corrected word provided, ignore or simply change it yourself. Next you’ll learn the research function. Think of this as an in-built google search in Excel which connects to the internet. So if you’re not sure about a certain phrase let Excel look it up for you. Now if you do have a word but it’s not exactly the word you’re thinking of, Excel has a thesaurus that will show you similar words that you can choose from. Lastly, one of my personal favourites, comments. What I love about comments is that they don’t occupy cells. You can create little notes that are embedded into a cell. When you hover over the cell, the comment will appear showing more information.

TARGET AUDIENCE: This is designed for intermediates who are confident in creating finished workbooks and need to check it before sending or sharing



DIFFICULTY: Intermediate


  • Spelling
  • Research
  • Thesaurus
  • Comments