Filters for Intermediates

DESCRIPTION: I use filters a hell of a lot. For large data sets with lots of rows and columns, they make sorting, rearranging and organising data a breeze. When filters are applied to a table, little controls appear above on the column headings which give you a range of options to choose from such as sorting alphabetically, numerically, by rank, by top percentage, by value, by limit and more. In this course you’ll learn all of that and more including my favourite, Master ID Theory! An absolute must for data analysts.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Though not compulsory, I encourage those unfamiliar with filters or large tables to take the Sorting Tables course as it is a great introduction to data sorting. This course is designed for anyone who is using large table information and requires them to be reorganise or reduced so that you can find data you’re looking for.



DIFFICULTY: Intermediate


  • Filter Data Preparation
  • Filter application
  • Sorting A to Z and numerically
  • Master ID Theory
  • Sorting/Filtering by Colour
  • Text/Number Filters
  • Filter by Selection