Charts and Graphs for Intermediates

DESCRIPTION: Effective use of charts is essential in Microsoft Excel. No experienced user is complete without them. Charts allow us to visual data especially large samples of data and is an effective way of identifying patterns, trends, peaks, valleys and clusters in your data that may otherwise go unnoticed if viewed in table form. Excel has a number of charts to choose from and when further customized gives you an infinite number of way of presenting the same data. In this course we delve deeper into charts through the use of pie, column, bar and scatter plots. We’ll explore some added options such as the use of data labels which can be applied to individual points of data, trendlines to automatically create lines of best fit, multiple series to compare data, dual charting and lastly the use of a secondary axis for multiple series data at different magnitudes.

TARGET AUDIENCE: This course is for intermediates who are interested in finding patterns and trends in their data. Ideally, you are in the position where finding insights in your data I becoming problematic due to its size or complexity.



DIFFICULTY: Intermediates


  • Pie charts
  • Column charts
  • Bar charts
  • Scatter plots
  • Data Labels
  • Trendlines
  • Multiple Series
  • Dual Charts
  • Secondary Axis


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