Inserting Equations, Symbols, WordArt and Hyperlinks

DESCRIPTION: In addition to text and cell formatting, there are additional effects and functionality that you can add which include Equations, WordArt, Symbols and Hyperlinks. For equations, writing them as single line text is fine for simple equations but once complexity occurs it is difficult to read. Therefore, the equation editor structures the formula to look exactly like mathematical text books. WordArt is an effective way of creating headings with pre-set formatting but I’ll also show you how to adjust the formatting yourself. Next we’ll go through the thousands of available symbols available and it’s so easy you simple click and add. Lastly, we’ll go through Hyperlinks which allow you to travel to a different area within your spreadsheet or to another spreadsheet or even to a website.

TARGET AUDIENCE: This is great for beginners who can confidently create tables with formulas and formatting. The knowledge you gain from this course will elevate your spreadsheets by giving it extract functionality.




  • Equation editor
  • WordArt for headings
  • Inserting special symbols
  • Hyperlinks to other sheets, workbooks, websites, files and sheet positions